Michael J. Brown, BS, CSCS,

Certified Personal Trainer,
Certified Strength and
Conditioning Specialist

Certified by:
  • American College of
    Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • National Academy of
    Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • National Strength and
    Conditioning Association
  • USA Track and Field
    Association (USTFA)
Deca Fitness Systems Thoughts:
Deca Fitness Systems specializes in providing in-home
Personal Fitness Training services and Athletic
Development Performance Training in Lower Fairfield
County Connecticut.

Deca Fitness Systems was established in
2010 by Michael
J. Brown out of a commitment to education, fitness and
athletics. As a fitness professional he is committed to
obtaining the highest quality of fitness education and
certification. As a passionate coach and teacher he doesn’t
just count reps and sets. He teaches the how’s and why’s.
Deca Fitness Systems is dedicated to your health, fitness
and athletic success. Whether your goal is to lose weight,
build strength, improve muscle and shape, increase
flexibility, decrease your risk of injury, improve
cardiovascular fitness and endurance, or simply look and
feel great, Deca Fitness Systems can develop  a
personalized exercise program to help you accomplish your
Deca Fitness Systems Training Philosophy:
The Deca Fitness Systems training philosophy is
influenced by over twenty five years of academic, practical
and athletic experience.

At Deca Fitness Systems “We train Movements.” We squat,
lunge, step, push, pull and rotate. We use a
multidisciplinary integrated training approach by using
bodyweight, bands, tubing, medicine balls and stability
balls as well as traditional machine based training..
Deca Fitness Systems
Personal Fitness Training -- Athletic Development
All trainers
are not
created equal


the Difference