Deca Fitness Systems
“Michael Brown’s creativity, enthusiasm, zest for learning make him a leading
personal trainer and coach in the industry. His knowledge of strength and
conditioning and program design as made his programs successful for youth,
adults, and seniors.”

    Avery Fiegenbaum Ph.D
    Associate Professor College of New Jersey

“I have seen many personal trainers. Michael Brown is by far the best with whom
I have worked with. He combines his knowledge, experience, and his
personality to get the most from clients of all ages. I observed mike with college-
bound high school as well as the older more casual clients. In each case mike
clearly identifies needs and goals, his creativity allows him to come up with new
exercises, keeping the client interested and challenged.."

    Greenwich CT.

“So many people call themselves “trainers,” but Michael is far superior with is
extensive education and Olympic training. This was clearly obvious to me my
first training session more than two years ago. “The ultimate personal trainer !”

    Stamford, CT

“Michael Brown’s athletic performance focus makes him one of the top personal
trainers in San Francisco for those serious about fitness…"

“I’ve been involved my entire life and I’ve been around a number of great
coaches and trainers. Michael Brown, with his athletic performance focus is one
of the best trainers I have ever worked with…"

    San Francisco, CA

“…I just wanted to send you a note to say how much your workouts have helped
me stay in shape and reduce weight gain. Our workouts over the winter and
spring have helped me keep my annual weight gain at bay and I’m stronger and
fitter than I’ve been in years."

“Your expertise in several areas of fitness has been very important to other
members of my family. The work you did with my son on his throwing are was
terrific. It helped his confidence, coordination, and physical ability. Your
foundation work helped him play at a national level this summer…”

    L. R.
    Old Greenwich, CT

“…I can truly say course you taught marked a positive change in my life and
lifestyle. It has been a great experience, which will follow me throughout life…”

“One of the most positive aspects is you’re teaching style and patience. Not
everyone in class was at the same level, but he never hesitated to give personal
attention to someone who was having trouble with an exercise."

    M. H.
    Greenwich, CT

“...Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the “Introduction to Weight
Training” class I took you. You were so patient and helpful and explained each
step with a reason behind it…"

“I’ mostly enjoyed using the medicine ball and bodyweight training for a circuit
and not relying on machines. I do plan to continue these exercises, because I
feel so much better and stronger physically…”

    Stamford, CT

“…I absolutely loved your course “Introduction to Weight Training” I enjoyed it so
much that I am getting ready to sign up for your next course. You’re caring and
nonjudgmental personality has made it easier for me to continue without giving

“..You tirelessly motivated me and kept me going. I truly appreciated it.”

    G. S.
    Greenwich, CT

“…I really wanted to thank you for all your help. The weight training class was
just what I needed to get started on a healthy fitness program. Your knowledge
and your knack for explaining the physiology of working out with free weights
was tremendously helpful…”

    M. P.
    Greenwich, CT

“…Thank you! I’m grateful to you for my improved mental and physical health.
Your extensive knowledge and your endless encouragement made it enjoyable
to sustain an exercise routine."

    San Francisco, CA